Wireless Network Installation

Providing reliable & secure wireless networks

PBI Audio Visual specialise in providing wireless network installation services for homes & businesses across the UK, wireless networks have many aspects that have to be catered for, in comparison to wired networks they differ greatly and need specialist care to get the maximum capability.

What you can Expect

We would always recommend starting with a wireless survey, then establish your expectations and goals of a wireless network. From this starting point we can then choose the correct products to meet your needs, this can all depend on where we can deploy wireless signals from and the build of your property.

Our solutions include

Data Cable Installation, [LINK to service] to distribute your network throughout your property and to hard wire the majority of static devices in the home.

  • Point to Point Links (Interconnecting Buildings), whether wired or wirelessly depending on the distance and cost.
  • Outdoor WIFI coverage for Patios, Gardens or Pools.
  • Full indoor WIFI Coverage with a heavy focus on high use areas, like in the home a kitchen or bedroom.
  • Remote Management and Diagnostics, giving us the ability to monitor and manage your wireless networks performance and optimisation.
  • Wireless Network privacy and security, having the ability to have monitored and protected networks for children and young people to keep them safe on the internet.
  • Scheduling, wireless networks that are only available during certain times of the day.