Lighting Control Solutions

Energy Efficient & Convenient Lighting

Lighting Control Solutions designed for efficiency and convenience, having the ability to change the mood of a room at your fingertips, PBI Audio Visual strive to create smart lighting systems that are there to benefit the customer and make the most of your property.

Smart Lighting Key Benefits

  • Programmable wall switches give the ability to do more than just turn on a single light
  • Applications that can control your lighting from your personal devices
  • Scene settings to get the most out lighting. At the press of a button, you can dim those bright lights in the living room, creating a calm and relaxing environment.
  • Decorative lighting can be controlled in a way that utilises colour, light and direction on features or areas.
  • Efficiently controlling your lighting to minimise your electricity usage
  • Automated Lighting for internal & External Spaces

Lighting Design

A well planned and detailed lighting design with a comprehensive specification is a must for any medium to large project and also extremely useful for smaller scale ones. PBI Audio Visual work with lighting manufacturers’ to find the best fittings and light sources, giving us solutions to fit all of our customer’s needs. Lighting has many differing factors to consider, whether is colour temperature, fitting type or if the light source can be dimmed.

Circadian Lighting

Various sectors, from healthcare to corporate, have begun to explore the potential benefits of lighting that follows the natural sleep/wake cycles of the human body. Known as circadian lighting, these strategically designed systems may have the power to positively affect people’s health, alertness, productivity, and more. There is three main concepts within circadian lighting; intensity, color & stimulus tuning.

Automated Lighting

There are many forms of automated lighting within lighting control solutions, but all forms have huge benefits on energy efficiency and convenience, meaning you have more time and money to get on with the important things in life. Using your controlled lighting system you can take advantage of;

  • Your properties location to determine when its sunset or sunrise, you can automate your outdoor & indoor lighting meaning you never come home in the dark again.
  • Using sensors to recognise when someone is entering or leaving a room and switching the lights accordingly, and for automated security lighting.
  • Creating holiday modes that can copy your daily routine of lighting even when you are not in the house
  • Creating events so when you turn the TV on the lights will dim and the blinds will lower

Motorised Blinds & Curtains

Using your lighting control solution you can also control your window dressings allowing you to make the most of the natural light.