Home Security

Our Home Security Services can help keep you and your family safe

Feel safe & feel good! Knowing that you have a system installed by professionals, this goes quite some way to putting your mind at rest about the safety of your family and home. This is one of the greatest benefits, but there are many more benefits to a security system installed by PBI Audio Visual.


CCTV security systems enable you to view camera feeds live at home or remotely from devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Camera feeds are recorded and then stored ready for future playback in the event of a security breach.
Being able to view your Home from anywhere in the world using you Phone or Tablet.
Having 20 + days of recordings so you can always ensure that you can look back to see what has happened on your property.
High Quality 4k (Ultra HD) Cameras and recorders, giving you clarity and quality when viewing your home.
Professionally installed CCTV security systems can often reduce your home insurance premium

Door Intercom

Giving you peace of mind that when you open your front door that you know who you are giving entry to, using high quality Video & Audio Intercom systems you can have this ability to see who is at your door before having opened it, this is one of the greatest benefits, but there are many more benefits to a Door Intercom system installed by PBI Audio Visual.
To have a snapshot saved of every person who has approached or rung your doorbell
The ability to have a fixed screen next to your door so without looking at an app on your phone or opening the door, you can see who is there.

External Motion Detection

Knowing someone or something is on your property gives you the ability to be proactive with security, using our systems from one app on your phone or tablet you can receive notifications of where motion has been detected, then bring up and view your CCTV system, trigger security lights and more. Using high quality external motion detectors, you can monitor your property efficiently and with ease.

Window, Door & Internal Motion Detection

Wired or Wireless Internal Alarm systems give you peace of mind whether someone has breached your property using internal sensors that can detect the following;

  • Doors being opened or breached
  • Windows being opened or smashed
  • Motion in a room
  • Panic Buttons for immediate attention

This type of alarm is the most common type of home security and has its place in most homes, what we like to do at PBI Audio Visual is to make the most of these systems and giving control

Elemental Detection

Smart residential alarm systems giving you the ability to easily protect you family and home from external factors, with the below detectors you can have peace of mind your property is properly monitored at all times.

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Fire/ Heat Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Water Detectors