Home Cinema Installation

We Design, Install & Maintain Bespoke Home Cinemas

With over 30 years of experience PBI Audio Visual have designed and fitted home cinemas across Sussex, Kent, London and the rest of the UK. Our expertise is in building and installing home cinemas, we design and create a bespoke home cinema solution to suit you. We know it’s not just about a big screen, although they are amazing! All our rooms are professionally designed and calibrated to ensure the screen, lighting, audio and furniture all work together to give you the best experience.

Putting sound first!

To truly bring the cinema home we know that you have to have immersive sound that puts you in the middle of the action. This is not just about sticking in huge speakers that blow you away but a more refined setup based not only on your budget but also on your room and requirements.
Each room has its own acoustics and we adjust every level to ensure you get the highest clarity audio whether it’s watching a full on action film, a Netflix series or settling down for a cosy night in with the family.

How do you see it?

High resolution picture re-production will change the way you see your favourite films. Picture re-production requires high quality hardware throughout the design. PBI Audio Visual calibrate your projector providing the best possible picture quality for your home cinema design, making adjustments to lighting, brightness, colour, contrast and more in order to perfect your home cinema.

Put your stamp on it

Acoustic treatment interiors, specialist finishes, Starlight ceilings, mood lighting preconfigured to switch effortlessly between your desired settings, speakers calibrated to sound how you want them – you name it, we’ll deliver it.

Are you sitting comfortably

Making sure your are in complete comfort when settling in to watch your favourite movie or that you have the space for all your mates to watch the big game, these are all factors that weigh into what furniture choice you should make in your cinema room. PBI Audio Visual can help you make those decisions when designing your Home Cinema Experience.