Home Automation

Home Automation gives you control over your surroundings with ease.

Home automation, sometimes referred to as Smart Homes, is a fantastic way to connect household devices and appliances to a central hub giving your home a brain to control all of your home’s elements. PBI Audio Visual specialise in controlling every part of your home, using market leading home integration solutions.

What can Home Automation Control?

The simple answer is pretty much every element of the home!

• Lighting
• Climate (Heating & Air conditioning)
• Shading
• Distributed Audio
• Distributed Video
• Intercom
• Access Control (Automated Gates & Doors)
• Security
• Building Management
• Remote Access
• Multiple Dwelling Support

What an Integrated System can do for you

Home Automation is all about making your life easier, and having an integrated home gives you total flexibility to control all parts of your property from a single event. An event can be any trigger that is controlled from your system so for example a light being switched on or a sensor picking up movement.

Some other examples of what events can do in your home;

  • Your arrival has triggered and opened the front gates making your lights on the driveway and patio turn on.
  • You increase the temperature in the living room, so the air conditioning switches off and the heating turns on.
  • You switch on your cinema from your iPhone which will then turn on the projector and sound system while dimming the lights and shutting the blinds. Then once the system is on it will go straight to your favourite sports channel, all from the press of a that single button.

One Single point of control

Integrated automation systems have one huge benefit, it combines all of the apps on your phone and all the switches on your walls, into one easy to use control method whether that is a single app on your phone, a handheld remote control or a single switch on the wall. Home automation means that the heating thermostat, the light switch, the air conditioning control, the tv remote, the sky remote, the app on your phone for the doorbell and much more are now all in one easy to use place