Data Cable Installation

Data Cable Installations for the home or business

Data Cable installations for the home or business. We install cabling for all devices that connect to a network. We provide solutions for indoors, outdoors and at a distance. Data cable is used for a huge variety of products in the home or business.

A professionally installed, standards compliant network will work beautifully for many years, and is likely to long outlive any device you attach to it – so it is vital you choose a qualified installer who understands the standards, and invests in the latest test equipment and training.

Why do you need a Data Cable installation

A Data cable back bone throughout the property has many benefits

  • Many cabled positions in the property allows for the deployment of wireless access points making sure you get a strong and reliable wireless coverage
  • Data cable points at static devices (for example televisions & printers) in the property means that you will not being using your wireless bandwidth to cater for these devices giving you a stronger and more reliable wireless network.
  • Data cable is not just being used for a internet connection any more, so having a data cable installation gives you flexibility in your property, data cable can now be used for Security, Audio, Video and much more