Control4 OS3…What a difference!

So control4 have released their new operating system and only after using it once you think how did I use this before. The sleek and easy to navigate look of the new home screen is fantastic, it has removed the rigid structure of the navigator screen, what I thought was the reason I loved control4 in the first place. But has replaced it with an easy to customise, easier to use interface where you can now with less button presses get what you want working quicker then ever.

So looking at the general layout its bright, inviting and clear…as long as its programmed correctly that is. You can now just press and hold an icon and add it to your home screen making having to remember how to get to your favourite settings a thing of the past.

There are also new and customisable backgrounds so your not stuck with the same look in every room or the same look as every other control4 system you can now make it your own adding your own pictures or choosing from the large selection of included backgrounds.

So also with OS3 comes the highly anticipated NEEO remote control, after Control4 acquired NEEO back in early 2019 we all wanted to know when we will get our hands on the new remote control and now it is here, its better then expected. A sleek industrial design that has just made control4 more European, a metal casing a beautiful touchscreen and a limited amount of hard buttons make this remote a great addition to the control4 family of products, but more importantly a great update from the classic SR range of remotes.

Just to sweeten the deal control4 are now offering an upgrade program for all existing customers also, so if you have a control4 system already you can now get 15% off all control4 gear if you upgrade to OS3.

If you want to discuss this further please get in touch.