Maintenance & Support

Helping You Maintain your systems

We can provide total support on your installations with necessary updates and regular servicing.


PBI offers Audio and Video calibration using professional test equipment to calibrate to industry standards, we use various test generators to produce analogue and digital signals, to accurately setup your display to its optimum settings and sound levels to compliment your room. We precisely calibrate your display’s user control default setup (black level, white, level, saturation, hue, sharpness) and technician service controls (white balance, focus, SVM, colour decoder, geometry, etc.) to industry standards for both night and day viewing. We make sure that every picture you view, no matter the signal source, looks at its best. Using a Real-time sound analyser, we can solve sound issues whether it is the system parameter settings or the room acoustics.

After Sales Support and Servicing

All equipment supplied and installed by PBI Audio Visual Ltd are guaranteed for a minimum of one year. We also offer;

  • Extended warranty which will cover you for parts and labour outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Annual Maintenance contracts providing servicing on all aspects of your system.
  • Remote Connection & Telephone customer support.
  • Direct Replacement Contracts, meaning we will have a direct replacement for all parts and hardware of your system for immediate response to a fault.

Remote Monitoring

PBI audio visual offer full remote monitoring and support for all of their systems, that includes power management and device diagnostics. The benefits of this are we can diagnose issues before the customer knows there is a problem and in some cases fix the issue. As a part of this service we include an internet monitoring tool that provide you with an in-depth statistic of how your internet provider is performing on a day to day basis.